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2024 Registration and Contest Dates

今年, in recognition of the growth in participation we have seen since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 我们会坚持 三场地区比赛 今年三月! On this page you'll find contest dates and deadlines, 区域作业, student registration caps per school, 和更多的.

Our 2024 Massachusetts Regional Competitions have concluded: Congratulations to all of our student participants! Our next round is the MA State Competition:


马萨诸塞州竞赛: Winchester High School (80 Skillings Road, Winchester, MA 01890). Contest Coordinator: 凯特梅尔基奥, 区域

  • MA State Website and Paper Lockout Date: 3月27日星期三晚上11:59. All websites and papers must be uploaded to the registration portal by the deadline. 展品, performances, and documentaries are due on Contest Day.
  • 登记门户: Students and Teachers have already been promoted to the State Contest and DO NOT need to register again!


Once you have received email confirmation that your project has been promoted, sign in to your profile using your Username and Password from Regionals, 回答许可问题, and confirm that the information in your profile is correct. If you do not receive an email with a link to register for the state contest by 3月14日星期四,请发邮件至 区域


  • Is all of your personal/contact information correct?

  • Group Projects: Does your student profile show all of your group members?

  • Do you want to keep your project title the same for the state contest?

The Registration Deadline for completing these tasks is on 3月27日,周三,晚上11:59.

If you do not plan to attend States, please email us ASAP at 区域 让我们知道!  This will allow us to notify the Honorable Mention project in your category and give them the opportunity to compete.


有资格参加比赛, students must participate in person on contest day and complete an interview with judges. If medical or religious reasons will prevent a student from attending any of our in-person contests, please contact the State Coordinator, 凯特梅尔基奥, at 区域 不迟于2024年3月27日 要求进行虚拟面试. 


We want to reduce or eliminate as many barriers to participation in the contests as possible. Thanks to support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have reduced registration fees again this year to $10/student for the Regional Competitions and $10/student for the State Competition; we will also offer 豁免注册费 for students who request them by filling out the form at the link.


Need help getting to the state contest? 请与我们og体育官网! We are prepared to offer bus stipends to cover the costs of transportation to the Regional and State contests as well as other accommodations upon request. 请电邮至 区域 了解更多信息.


This should look very similar to the Regional Contest, just with different due dates! 

项目类别 材料 到期日期 如何提交
网站 网站网址或网址 3月27日星期三晚上11:59 Save all your changes to your website by the deadline. 
论文 All paperwork in one document (title page, 流程纸, essay, annotated bib) 3月27日星期三晚上11:59 Upload single PDF to student registration account (title page, 流程纸, essay, annotated bib). Only necessary if you make changes to your Paper between Regionals and States.
纪录片 Video URL (make sure video link can be played by judges) 4月6日上午8:00(比赛日) Save link to student registration account


不适用 不适用
表演 不允许提前上传资料 不适用 不适用

More information about the day of the contest will be emailed to you as the contest date draws closer. In the meantime, please contact Contest Coordinator 凯特梅尔基奥 at 区域 有问题的. You can also join us for our virtual chats on March 6, 20, 27, and April 3 at


In this chart you’ll find instructions for each project category regarding check-in times and what to bring:

项目类别 到达时间 要带什么  

Check in and set up your exhibit table between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. You must set up your own exhibit; a teacher or guardian can’t set it up for you.

Please bring your exhibit and all associated materials; and three printed copies of your written materials (title page, 流程纸, 带注释的参考书目). You will not be able to print at the contest!

表演 Check in at least 20 minutes before your specified judging time 请带上任何道具, 风景, or costumes you need for your performance; and three printed copies of your written materials (title page, 流程纸, 带注释的参考书目). You will not be able to print at the contest!  


The 全国大赛 will be held from Sunday, June 9th, 2024 to Thursday, June 13th, 2024 in University of Maryland College Park.